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VJM Frigotrans - ONLY FORWARD!

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The purpose of the company providing high-quality, customer-oriented transport services to Europe. We put emphasis on punctuality.

International and national transport

Our company provides services in the international transport by a wide variety of our own vehicles that are for haulage transport. These vehicles convey individual packages or full lorry shipments.

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Warehousing and distribution

We offer warehousing solutions and express distribution services in European Union.

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Transportation of dangerous goods (ADR)

Our company’s complete vehicle fleet for haulage is equipped for the shipment of dangerous things according to the ADR agreement. All of our drivers succesfully passed the ADR training as well and there is a trained safety advisor for ADR shipment in our company.

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Frequently asked questions

How to make an order?


To make a non-binding inquiry, you can use the "Quick Request" on our website. If you need to specify the details personally, contact one of our dispatchers by e-mail (dispo1@vjmfrigotrans.cz, dispo2@vjmfrigotrans.cz, dispo3@vjmfrigotrans.cz, dispo4@vjmfrigotrans.cz),or request a call (in the top right corner of the website).


I am interested in your work offer, where can i find out more about the offer?


In case of interest you can contact us via email: jobs@vjmfrigotrans.cz. We will give you detailed information about the position which you are interested in.


Who to contact about cooperation offers?


You can send your offer directly to company's owner - Alexander Roilean via email: a.roilean@vjmfrigotrans.cz.


In which countries do you provide transportation services?


Our company focuses mainly on the markets of the Czech Republic, Italy, Great Britain, Germany and Spain. However, we can provide high-quality transport services across whole European Union.

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Departments description:

Dispatch office We accept, plan and take care of all your orders.

HR office We employ our new colleagues and monitor the implementation of the rights and obligations from both sides.

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